Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Airplane Testimony

I think that God is trying to tell me something about His faithfulness; you be the judge:

Last week was so hard. I still don't think my emotions have completely caught up with everything that I went through. Somehow I think God understands that I was built that way, because He seems to give me strong reminders about Himself a while before I really need them.

Here's what I mean: Last week, before I knew I would be taking an urgent flight home, I had a dream that I was in an airplane that was inevitably going to crash. It was very vivid. It was daytime, the plane was at it's highest cruising altitude, and everyone was in a panic because we were about to drop to the ground like a dead weight. My own mind was reeling with fear, imagining what an impact like that was going to do to me. The dream affected me so badly that once I got word that Alisha was in a critical state, I immediately considered taking a Greyhound, or leaving with Dan by car and driving day and night. At one point I told him outright, "I can't fly home."

Finally I decided that I didn't want to be ruled by fear, and that the reason for going home was serious enough to risk it. So I told my friends and family about the dream and asked them to pray for my safety. I'd be lying if I said the first flight didn't hack at my nerves, or that I was serene about possibly boarding my instrument of doom. More on that in a minute...

At this time a week and a day ago, The family and I were all gathered around Alisha's bedside, praying, mourning, lightly holding on to the possibility that she may yet survive. I can't tell you how much it hurt to watch her, once so much fun and full of life, now reduced to such a state.

I have to interject that I have one of the best friends in the world. Lisa picked me up from the airport, drove me straight to the hospital, and stood in the lobby with Terry and Ariana from Calvary Chapel, praying, comforting and interceding on our behalf.

The doctor attending to Alisha said that she was starting to swell again, and to prevent suffering, it might be wise to take her off of the respirator soon. Some of her major organs were already failing.

Once the respirator was removed and the monitors shut off, I began almost frantically repeating the same prayer in my heart: "God, You could do it. If You thought it best, You could revive her. Lord please...breathe life back into her lungs..." Even though I felt somewhere that she was already gone, I kept thinking of Lazarus, how there was no doubt in anyone's mind that he had passed, and I held onto the hope that she might come back to us. But God instead opened Heaven to receive her. She breathed on her own for a little while; the breaths began to come more shallow and farther apart...then finally, life left her completely. She passed away September 23, at 3:53 p.m.. Right now, I truly can't complain that she's in Heaven, having the beginning of all the best. Tomorrow however, may be a different story. That's why I believe God did what He did on my travel home.

Tuesday afternoon my plane landed in Denver without a hitch. As I boarded my final flight home, I thought again about my dream: "Well it was just a dream. But if something was GOING to happen, it would have to be now." I had a tinge of uncertainty, even paying extra attention to the other passengers and the faces of the flight attendants, wondering if these would be the last people I ever saw on earth. The plane pulled out, and positioned itself on the runway...

Before it could gain any momentum for take-off however, a weird noise issued from the left side; kind of like a loud grinding, as though someone was taking a drill to it. Moments later the pilot gave us this announcement: "Your Captain speaking here...this plane has experienced a massive hydraulic failure...we have no control over the plane and will have to be towed back to the terminal...this plane will certainly not be making any flights today...sit tight..." Then again as the emergency vehicle parked next to us, "Your captain here...don't be alarmed...hydraulic liquid is pretty caustic and the vehicle you see outside is there as a precaution..."

I figured the use of cellphones wouldn't make any difference, so I powered mine on and texted Dan the following: "Wanna hear something crazy?"...

After another convo with my awesome friend Lisa today, I realized that God was saying something very specific. Maybe even to the effect of, "Lacy, I know you wish Alisha were still on the earth with you, but I didn't answer that prayer. But I am still your faithful God. You prayed for safety on your flights, and your prayers and the prayers of others did not fall on deaf ears. I am a faithful God, and I am trustworthy.

Even though the mountains and the whole earth should pass away, still God's faithfulness remains. He left an indelible impression on my heart, and I believe He is doing a work in me that only He can do. So what's left to say, except...

Thank You God, for Your everlasting faithfulness! And for Your lovingkindness, and for keeping me and the other passengers on that plane safe!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Memorial Service for Alisha

To anyone who would like to honor this sweet woman,
There will be a viewing on Sunday from 2-5 at Hood Mortuary. The Memorial Service is on Monday at 2, also at Hood Mortuary. There will be an open house at her home following the service. Anyone who would like to come and remember Alisha is welcome to attend.

Much Love,

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Alisha Nicole Livingston

Alisha leaped into Jesus' arms today at 3:55 p.m..

R.I.P are irreplaceable, and this world won't be the same without you. My heart is so grateful that the trials of life are far behind you now. You are the best friend anyone could ever ask for, and I'm not the only one who would say that. I love you and miss you with all my heart!

Memorial Service information to follow.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

When Words Don't Suffice

...the groaning of my spirit...

Alisha will most likely be in the arms of Jesus by tomorrow's end, and maybe before. The doctors believe that to take her off of sedation at this time would mean waking her up to an awful reality. Tomorrow morning, they will take her off of the blood pressure medication. They anticipate that she will go to be with our Lord shortly after that.

Please pray for the family. This is a world none of us are ready to live in, but by God's grace.


First, I have to stress the following: if you have any questions, I will do my best to answer. Right now, her attending family is in a bad way, and needs some peace.

Since the surgery to restore her collapsed lung yesterday, Alisha has been on a respirator. She is in heavy pain, sedated at the moment.
As the family decides, she will have to be taken off of it and given a chance to breathe on her own, and there is a possibility that she may not be able to. Please pray that if it's God's will, her lungs will kick in! More specifically, she will be on the respirator until tomorrow at least, and maybe longer.
In a little bit, she'll be off of sedation, and able to respond to those around her.

Thanks for your prayers....this is an unimaginable reality for us all...

Monday, September 21, 2009


Hey Y'all,

This most recent update has left my heart in pieces. Please just pray as God leads you.

First, yesterday the fluid building up from the stomach cancer caused one of Alisha's lungs to collapse. She was in surgery as of 9:30 this morning to again remove the excess fluid, and get her lung working again (I think)

This next part, I barely know how to put into words.

The doctors have told Alisha that this cancer is terminal. They believe that administering chemotherapy will only end her life sooner. They've left the decision up to her. I've been in tears since I heard. I dreamed about it all last night. I can't believe this is actually happening.

To me, it feels like this is all taking place so fast. As of a few months ago, it was ovarian cancer, they were going to take her ovaries out, she would recover, and go on living her life. Cancer is such a merciless disease. I'm heart-broken, as I'm sure you are, for so many reasons. She is SO young. She just had a baby, and her Mama's heart wants to see her grow up. We keep wishing and hoping and praying for a second chance, but it seems as though God may not grant it...but I know, should He choose, that God can do all things. I'm ready at a moment's notice to turn my lamentations into rejoicing, should He choose to do something miraculous here.

Please keep the family in your prayers. Alisha is the only child of Mitch and Janet. Thank you all for seeking God on this issue, for your thoughts and prayers, for carrying this burden with our family.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Striving Against the Odds

Please, soon as you read this, please start praying. Your continued prayers are so appreciated!

The stint that was supposed to enable Alisha to eat did not fix the problem. Apparently, not even the fluid she drinks is going through her system, but instead is building up. She's still not able to take in food orally. Her overall weight has dropped immensely. Doctors are going to try other tactics to by-pass the blockage. Her stomach has shut down completely, and she is in a very weak state.

Add to all this, that they cannot wait any longer to administer the chemotherapy. Originally they were waiting until she could eat and regain some of her strength.

My heart is wrenched with sadness....I know God can do all things, but it's just whether or not, in His infinite wisdom, He will. She needs a break, and as of yet, she's just not catching any.
Please continue to bring her up in your prayer meetings, along with Joy, Janet, Mitch, and John. One of them is with her at all times. There is no rest for them right now, and who knows if they would take if even if they could find it?

It's hard not to feel as though the situation is more dire with each passing day, but I am grateful that God doesn't look at it that way.

Much Love,

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Alisha Update

I spoke with my Grammy last Wednesday to see how Alisha was doing, and the report did my heart good. So I thought I should share!

As I said before, Alisha hasn't been able to keep down food at all, and has been receiving nutrition via I.V.. She told me that a little bit ago, Alisha was having a particularly harsh day. She had been so sick. That day, Grammy came into the room where Alisha was resting to check up on her. She was watching an inspirational speaker on TV, and at the sight of my Grammy she burst into tears. She told her, "Grammy, I KNOW there is a blockage in my stomach. I know it, I can feel it; and I also know the doctors are going to find it, and the surgeons are going to FIX it!" (I'm paraphrasing)

Sure enough, they checked her out, and there was a blockage. They scheduled a surgery for last wednesday to by-pass the blockage via a stint. Before the surgery, Grammy approached Alisha and said, "Now, you told me with a strong conviction that there was a blockage, and you were right. I need something to hold onto here; are you as confident that they will be able to perform this surgery successfully?" (Because apparently it is not just a straightforward procedure; plenty of things can go wrong) and again Alisha told her with full confidence, "Yes!"

Turns out she was 100% right, again. The surgery went even better than they could have hoped, and the stint is in place. I still have yet to hear about whether or not she has been able to eat, but I have (as I hope you do) very high hopes!

It was so good to hear, because being so far away, I tend to get over-creative. I imagine Alisha sleeping so much of the time, and barely conscious when she's awake because of the prescriptions she is on, the toll this is all taking on her body. But that's secondary to how good it was to hear that she is in this fight full-force.

One thing I can say confidently about my cousin is that in difficult sutiations, she never spends time feeling sorry for herself. Instead, she looks ahead to what needs to be done, and she focuses on that. Maybe it's a trait God gave her specifically for a time like this, who knows??

Please continue to keep her in your prayers! Anyone who needs an address for gifts, cards, etc, let me know!

Much Love!

Friday, September 11, 2009


Life can be so strange. I"m baffled sometimes, thinking of the billions of people on this earth, each with their own unique perspective, life experiences, joys and pains...

But before I get too far, let me just slap a quick qualifier on here: this post is going to be a whole lotta nothing substantial. Or maybe lots of little substantial tidbits all sewn way or the other, I feel the need to pin down a section of the multitude of floating thoughts all meshed together in my head, and somehow a (VERY) public forum such as an unsecured blog on the internet appears the best way to do it! LOL!

I remember growing up, that there were things I just knew I was going to be someday: an actress, a veterinarian, a black belt, the first female baseball player for the Oakland Athletics (the team choice...had to do with the team colors. Devoting yourself to a team because they have an appealing logo makes a lot of sense to an artistic kid under the age of 10), a singer, a missionary, a camp counselor, a professional skier, a painter, a firefighter....and so many other things. Two things impacted my aspirations greatly: TV, and meeting someone who I liked, who held a certain profession. The second I recognized someone doing something well and really enjoying it, I became convinced that I could do the same thing, exact the same enjoyment. No matter what it was! A florist, a chef, a conductor (oh yeah; I was convinced I was going to be one of those child prodigies who had their own symphony all ready to wow the general public)

Fast-forward to today: I am one of those things. I'm a singer. The older I get, the more I realize how much I feel like I'm stepping into the specific role that God created me for when I sing. I want to make uplifting, inspirational music that stirs people's hearts to aspire for something greater and bigger than themselves, not music that highlights and even exalts the base things of this world. I don't know about you, but when I hear "uplifting, inspirational" music, I think of soft beats, ethereal Enya or something. That's not what I'm talking about. I want my music to address everyday issues that are so real to people. To embody the sadness life can bring, and then to offer the reminder that hope is alive.

Sometimes I feel like singing is the only thing that anchors me to this chaotic world. I feel like it's a valid and practical contribution that I can make. I'm glad for the way God created me, though I know He's got a looooong way to go (balancing the checkbook might be my next step...I don't know the last time I actually did that).

I used to thing it was the hard knocks that took away all my other aspirations, until I realized how much I truly love to sing. There's more I'd like to do with my life, however. I'd love to be a mommy some day, for instance. However, even at the age of 26 I feel ill-equipped for the task. I'd like to be better with money matters. I'd like to stop letting my past experiences hinder my present witness. I'd like to wake up every day, commit that day to the Lord, and walk forward in confidence in Him. I'd like to feel comfortable, not self-conscious, around people I haven't met (this comes to mind especially because I'm trying a new church tomorrow. I love my CC Gainesville, but the new move has put a hearty distance between us. So I'm off to check out the First Assembly). I feel like a lot of these things need to be in play before I can even consider bringing another life into this world.

Sometimes I feel like life is going to slip away from me. I think of the trillions of people who have tread this earth before me; what do I know of them? What will others know of me when I pass? Will it even matter that I was here? Oh, vanity of vanities. I often feel the anguish Solomon seemed to pour out in the first part of Ecclesiasties, and I have to remember that he found meaning in life, after all. I just want to leave some kind of tangible mark, and I feel like I'm on the slow track, attempting to angle myself in the right direction to do it.

In the end, it always comforts me to remember that God is good, and His plan for me is just as specific as it can be. Sometimes I think of God's plan as stealing away my identity, instead of utilizing me along with His other servants to accomplish His will. I'm still a little stubborn, I guess! God teach me...

There are so many other thoughts in my head; I think this suffices for now, though. Otherwise this might become a tangent so long, even I won't want to spend the time reviewing it in the future!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Alisha's New Address

Howdy Folks,

I got word from John yesterday that Alisha's been having a very difficult time eating, with the nausea etc. Consequently, She has been re-hospitalized for a little bit so she can get some desperately needed proper nutrition. Pray she won't have to stay too long, and she can continue to take in food on her own, at home.
Also, they have news from her blood tests. She was tested in Denver, and they did not see the kind of improvement that they had hoped for. However, once she was back home they did another test, and though it wasn't perfect, it was far better than the Denver results! Praise God!!!

If you need her new home address for gifts etc., catch me on facebook and let me know.

Much Love!!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Update On Alisha

First, thanks to the folks who are interceding in prayer on Alisha's behalf.

Well, Alisha and the family are all back in Durango now. Irelyn is off of oxygen (Praise God!) and is every day a little stronger. She is a sweet, tiny, healthy gift from God!

Alisha is on oxygen, and has begun chemotherapy. She had some blood tests taken last week to determine how her body is responding to the treatment. The family is awaiting the results. As part of the treatment, she has medication that she has to take every two hours. She's under constant supervision, because the meds make her very drowsy and someone needs to be around to ensure she takes them on schedule.

Please let me know if you need additional info, or if you'd like to send the family a note of encouragement! I believe they also have a fund at FNB in Alisha's name, to help offset the cost of the medical bills.

God Bless Y'all!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Profound Moments

Let me first start by giving an update on Alisha's situation. The birth of Irelyn was amazingly easy! She had two good days to recuperate before surgery-not much, but it certainly helped! However, once the doctors performed the surgery, they discovered she had stomach cancer. Stomach cancer, in it's late stages, can be a formidable foe. She started chemotherapy a few days ago. Anyone interested in sending her a little gift or note of encouragement, please let me know! First National Bank also has a fund set up for she and the family, to help off-set the costs associated with being hospitalized and minimizing work hours.

News of Alisha's condition has left me very emotionally raw and drained. I had not been coping with it well at all. I love my cousin like a sister. We spent most of our youth together dreaming about the grand things we would become. So to see her now enduring the new diagnosis and all the pain that goes with it has been emotionally crippling. I even dreamt that I was the one with cancer. In a very specific way, I went from feeling like the world was my oyster to feeling like I was trapped in a small box with a limited air supply and glass walls that let in too much sun. I felt panicked and claustrophobic. I felt like life was coming at me like a full-frontal assault and there was nothing I could do to defend myself.

Today, God impressed something on my heart, in a way only He can. I have been obsessing over the details, as though that in itself would make the cancer shrink away. I was talking on the phone to Dan, and started crying about Alisha's condition. Suddenly what I was saying hit me in a new way, but I figured it was just the emotions of the moment. Later that night, I was leaving work while a torrential rainfall emptied onto the inhabitants of Gainesville. To get to my car, I have to push the crosswalk button and wait, without even a decent shelter nearby should the sky decide to let loose its' bounty. Tonight was no different, and I didn't have my umbrella. As I stood there, I was momentarily agitated with the sensation of getting soaking wet. It certainly wasn't something I volunteered myself for. I could feel every single drop of rain, and each one seemed to magnify my annoyance.
By the time I had crossed the street however, for some reason I resolved that there wasn't a thing I could do to stop the rain, or to keep myself dry from it-short of lurking in a dark alley in the bad part of town. Suddenly I embraced it instead. Not that I ran around in circles in my parking lot, but I stopped being bothered by that which I had no control over. Moreover these pure droplets from the sky seemed invigorating, refreshing, cleansing, renewing; as if they were a confirmation of what God was telling me in that moment.
I realized that it's the same with Alisha's illness. I am very limited in the contributions I can make to guarantee a cure, and while I don't embrace the cancer, I embrace that God is in control of what her future holds. Of course I'm more than happy to contribute what I can and to continually pray for God's peace and healing. However I'm thankful for the reminder that she is squarely in the palm of His loving hands, and that He will do right by His daughter.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

How Precious Is Life..Please Pray for Alisha!

My cousin, in her 7th month of pregnancy, has recently learned that she has 3rd stage ovarian cancer. The good news (if it can be called that) is it is mild-aggressive, the most treatable kind. Life is precious, and I'm daily in fervent prayer that God will protect the life of Alisha and her unborn baby. PLEASE DO THE SAME!

There have been some recent updates: This Sunday Alisha will be induced, and she should give birth no later than Tuesday. She can't deliver the baby via C-Section, because she is too anemic and they are concerned about the loss of blood. The doctors in Denver found that the cancer has spread to both ovaries, her uterus, and her spleen. So on Thursday, after just a few days of recovery, she will undergo surgery to have all of those parts removed. Then again with just a few days to recover, she will undergo chemotherapy. She has also had a build-up of fluid around her abdomen, which they drain periodically, as it adds to her discomfort.

Please pray for Alisha, that she will heal quickly in-between these events, that she will continue in her confidence in God, that she will not be overcome by fear, and ultimately, that God will carry her through this extremely difficult time and give her many more years of blessed life. Please pray for the doctors caring for her, and for her family who is there in Denver with her now. Please pray that they will all be blessed with a peace beyond understanding!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Thou Shalt Not Rip on American Idol

This is the cardinal commandment of post-idol rejection, which I am now putting into practice. Sure, I could be one of those people who ooze bitterness and lament over the gimmick contestants that stole their golden ticket, but that's soooo last season...

Instead I'm choosing to recount the things I have to be grateful for: I'm grateful that I didn't break down in front of the judge and squeak my way through the song. I stood up straight, looked him right in the eye, snapped, and belted it out as best I can. I feel good about that. Second, I'm grateful that I was being myself, and if they weren't in the market for the Lacy-types that day, then at least I wasn't trying to be someone else. Third, and the biggest one, I'm grateful that I'm constantly surrounded by friends and family who I love and who have a mutual place in their hearts for me, who want more than a 30 second interview! I'm also grateful that I'm still a singer, and I know God has plans for this voice.

That being said, I can see things I might have done differently. Walking to the middle of the audition space instead of standing right in front of the judge, or smiling more, picking a different song...these are all little things that may have tipped the scales in my favor, I think. Who knows?

Rejection is hard, and it's tempting to think I must be a no-talent hack who should've spent more time carving out a legitimate trade. But at the end of the Day, Idol is a TV show before it's a talent competition. Sure, it would've provided a huuuge boost in my singing career, but I witnessed with my own eyes other talented singers who felt they had a good chance getting shot down yesterday. Music goes on, with or without the influence of Idol. What hurts a little is that they generate so much excitement for their own purposes. They know, as I knew somewhere in the back of my head, that of those thousands of singers yesterday, only a lucky few would make it through. Emphasis on "lucky": the whole experience felt much more like gambling than it did an audition. You could tell there were a few contestants who really knew how to catch the judges eye, by sitting on the table or throwing down their hats...and MY hat is off to them, because a lot of them did make it.

Anyway, the rest of the crowd was necessary for the show material. We stood forever on the steps to the arena, for instance, saying things like "I'm the next American Idol!" over and over. Then Ryan Seacrest showed up and we had to cheer after he said some kind of introduction. I guess some people think participation like that is fun. I'm just more of the mind that I don't want my 15 minutes of fame to be used up while standing in a huge crowd. Moreover, I'm not the kind of girl who enjoys getting up at 2am to curl my hair and glob on make-up just for the chance to be one more hopeful face beaming at the camera. Maybe I'm just getting too old...

I'm not sure if I'll audition again, probably not. I feel like it was a valuable experience, in that it proved that the unlikely chance of getting through is for the small few. It showed me that I don't necessarily want to be the "STAR" everyone gets to ogle over. I want to be a rousing musician whose songs motivate people to do the right thing, and it's always more fun if you get to do that with a group of people, instead of all by yourself. Don't get me wrong--if I had made it through, I would be clinging to that ticket for dear life. Still, I'm glad for the reminder.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

American Idol! For real...

Before 4:30 had time to hit this morning, Dan and I found ourselves being corralled between portable barricades. Like thousands of others, we stood for a while and then begrudgingly sat upon the cushy concrete...after a night of no sleep, just about any sitting surface feels pretty great. Sound fun? It was all by choice-my choice to audition for American Idol Season 9. Dan chose to accompany me, even offering to go clothes shopping so we can find the perfect outfit. He's certainly a special man! I'm confident he's the only one of his kind...sorry ladies...
The rest of the Idol herd was obviously super energized, opting to break out in their showcase song instead of lowing, and waiting for a split-second chance to flash their carefully practiced smiles and wave at the passing cameramen...everyone practices their smile right?? I'm not ashamed to say I do. I'm more than happy with how God made me, but my mouth demands a little finesse in order to produce a shimmery grin, opposed to a maniacal sneer. I think I've got the face muscles down, but there is a fine line between the two.
A group of camera-hungry gals right in front of us got a few great opportunities to show their style. One of them sang a portion of her song onto a very old cell phone held out by a local radio show host. I'm not one to critique a girl who cannot defend herself, so that's all I will say. That's how it went a lot of the morning. Some people were obviously talented, and you wondered how they would fare with the judges. Others were not so, and the same thought occurred because, like it or not, AI is a television show. They have to make their money the same as other shows, on RATINGS. A group of talented super-singers effortlessly gliding through is not nearly enough controversy to spark the general population's interest. Hence America's love/hate relationship with Simon (not that I mean to speak bad of him. I very much hope to reach the point where he may in fact sear me in the heat of his scrutiny, but will be even more delighted if it goes the other way :).

Anyhow four hours later, we were moving through our corral and up the small steps to Amway Arena. We stood in a brief line and waited our turn to quickly flash and ID, stick out our arm, and receive an armband and seat tickets. Mine was yellow, indicating I'll be taking the leap before complete strangers with the power to push me closer to my dreams, or focus me in another direction completely. Dan's was white, indicating he's the lucky one who gets to sit in the stands and agonize over my figure among the throngs as I slowly inch closer and closer to the jury.

The whole registration process took less than a minute. Now we get to wait two days, head back, and take part as the REAL fun begins.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Why McChurch?

Well, first because I don't know how to change it to something a little more--applicable? Second, it' a little joke about how people are getting their spiritual food these days. It makes me sad that the most popular Christian programs are usually two things: un-controversial (IE watered-down) and misleading. "The main thing, is to keep the main thing the main thing"...or something like that. Here to me is the main thing: Jesus Christ was crucified on a cross to cure the impossible curse of sin, created by no other than the cretinous race of man. Cretinous is defined as, "a stupid, obtuse, or mentally defective person". Too strong a definition for my own? Nah, probably too mild in fact!
I was giving Dan a little foot rub yesterday. As my fingers pressed against his bones and ligaments, I imagined the sheer gruesome agony a crude spike mercilessly blasted through a foot would cause. Not because I was thinking of causin him pain!! Rather, because I imagined how it was done to the One I love most. Raise your hand if you would endure such an act while filled with a heart of love for the one conducting it...


I am the QUEEN of them! How many reasons do I have for why I didn't do the right thing, even why I'm not GOING to? More than I wish to count. But as I'm viewing myself realistically in this moment, I have to admit that it's time to do an inventory. In my employ I have far too many fallback reasons and not enough drive to do the right thing FIRST! In my highly creative and sometime out-of-touch outlook, it is soooo very good to remember that order is a blessing, that it is essential-that it is often the key to combating future heartache! I love that God has given me life. Yet I forget that with that, comes the responsibility to live it to the fullest-to conduct myself purposefully and strategically, not simply to drift along seeking out that which brings joy or "good feelings". I can think of a dozen bible verses that speak directly to this issue. I believe in my life, it's time to switch gears- to truly ask God what He would have me do with my life, instead of thinking up my own "good ideas". I LOVE spontanaeity, I love unexpected surprises, and those things can be great. Sometimes? Fine. All the time? Chaos! Anyone else been feeling this way? Drop me a line!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Yahoo Answers - Hardwired to worship question

This was asked by me in Yahoo answers where I got some great responses and some not so great...

If we are hardwired to worship, why are some so devoted to denying belief in a Higher Power?
Wouldn't it lead one to believe that it goes against our design to refute belief in God? Even tribes in the Amazon look into the sky, see deity, and declare faith in "The Big One".
4 days ago

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker
actually a never heard it put quite that way before. however, it was beautifully phrase.God is the last thing they would be devoted too ,and for good reason too.humans were created for one purpose to worship their Creator.that's why we have constantly in the past put mere humans up on pedestals and worshiped them as living gods.a good example for these modern times would stem from that ongoing worship of those super rich rock, and movie stars. i personally have not seen anything like what's happening out there right now. my goodness so many slavishly obedient sheep out there today worshiping each leaves so little room for God

Asker's Comment:
Well put, tx for the compliment!

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by The Pope
Where did you get this information? It has been my experience that the more educated someone is, the less likely they are to believe in a set religion.

by <3>
why do you say we are "hardwired to worship"? where are you getting your evidence

Your original question contains false assumptions.

by Dominic
Human beings have uniquely evolved to possess powerful tools of deduction and reason. It is this human quality that allows some to rationally transcend their animalistic impulses.Yeah...I'm just bs'ing.

by Tim A
We have an appendix too. Eventually things that evolved over long periods of time can outlive their usefulness.

by Sweet Suzy 777!
Rom 1:18 But God shows his anger from heaven against all sinful, wicked people who push the truth away from themselves. [fn] Rom 1:19 For the truth about God is known to them instinctively. [fn] God has put this knowledge in their hearts. Rom 1:20 From the time the world was created, people have seen the earth and sky and all that God made. They can clearly see his invisible qualities--his eternal power and divine nature. So they have no excuse whatsoever for not knowing God. Rom 1:21 Yes, they knew God, but they wouldn't worship him as God or even give him thanks. And they began to think up foolish ideas of what God was like. The result was that their minds became dark and confused. Rom 1:22 Claiming to be wise, they became utter fools instead.

by Beth
Amazon tribes are probably looking at an airplane in the sky when they call it god or the big one. people use god to describe what they can't explain.

by Alex
Because with intelligence you can overcome your animal instincts.

by thereald...
Your brains are hardwired to worship, maybe.Mine aren't. Sorry, but it looks like you lost this one.

by Sherri Lynn
how are we hardwired to worship? if anything, we are made to question things and be logical, which some people believe is not blindly following a god they've never physically seen. some people are made skeptical, and if you believe in god or a higher power, then you have to realize that people were made that way.

by hotlavaf...
Denying belief in the higher power is their form of worship!

by satanfx5...
its not that we are "hard wired" to worship. We are "hard wired" to fear death, and religion promises us a nice place to go when we die so we do not have to worry about that.

by marci knows best
If... then... If your first premise is false, then all conclusions will necessarily be false as well.

by monstero...
I don't believe that were "hardwired to worship" were hardwired to find out why things work. and simpler people such as those in the amazon, not having a formal education might not understand that the earth revolves around the sun, and might not have ever heard of gravity could use the simple explanation "The Big One." he's doing it. Good answer.

by Skeff
!. I don't deny belief. I do not believe.2. Design implies that a "higher power" designed us to believe in it. See #1.3. Just because self-proclaimed "civilized" peoples believe in god(s) doesn't mean they are any less superstitious, indoctrinated or deluded than the "less civilized" peoples. Quotes are to emphasize the arrogance and self-righteousness of the self-proclaimed "civilized" ones.

by Urethra Franklin
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It's the conditioning of our Zionist Jewish controlled culture who hate Christianity, so they have inculcated Americans in schools and through the media to think that God and Truth isn't important in their lives. The Zionist have infiltrated everything and have used science to negate what is spiritual and keep away from it.

by Amom
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PRIDE - we think we are masters of our own lives. We have no control over life or death. But God has placed a need for him in our soul! That is why "Even tribes in the Amazon look into the sky, see deity, and declare faith in "The Big One"."

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