Friday, May 22, 2009

Why McChurch?

Well, first because I don't know how to change it to something a little more--applicable? Second, it' a little joke about how people are getting their spiritual food these days. It makes me sad that the most popular Christian programs are usually two things: un-controversial (IE watered-down) and misleading. "The main thing, is to keep the main thing the main thing"...or something like that. Here to me is the main thing: Jesus Christ was crucified on a cross to cure the impossible curse of sin, created by no other than the cretinous race of man. Cretinous is defined as, "a stupid, obtuse, or mentally defective person". Too strong a definition for my own? Nah, probably too mild in fact!
I was giving Dan a little foot rub yesterday. As my fingers pressed against his bones and ligaments, I imagined the sheer gruesome agony a crude spike mercilessly blasted through a foot would cause. Not because I was thinking of causin him pain!! Rather, because I imagined how it was done to the One I love most. Raise your hand if you would endure such an act while filled with a heart of love for the one conducting it...


I am the QUEEN of them! How many reasons do I have for why I didn't do the right thing, even why I'm not GOING to? More than I wish to count. But as I'm viewing myself realistically in this moment, I have to admit that it's time to do an inventory. In my employ I have far too many fallback reasons and not enough drive to do the right thing FIRST! In my highly creative and sometime out-of-touch outlook, it is soooo very good to remember that order is a blessing, that it is essential-that it is often the key to combating future heartache! I love that God has given me life. Yet I forget that with that, comes the responsibility to live it to the fullest-to conduct myself purposefully and strategically, not simply to drift along seeking out that which brings joy or "good feelings". I can think of a dozen bible verses that speak directly to this issue. I believe in my life, it's time to switch gears- to truly ask God what He would have me do with my life, instead of thinking up my own "good ideas". I LOVE spontanaeity, I love unexpected surprises, and those things can be great. Sometimes? Fine. All the time? Chaos! Anyone else been feeling this way? Drop me a line!